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How Did They Do That?

After the incident, Car Genie left the Kingsway dual carriageway, possibly at the Strathmartine Road junction.
Miro may well have followed him on his motorbike and the pair could have stopped for a team and tactics talk.
Car Genie then went to Balgowan Avenue Police Office to fake his complaint. He would then have had to make his way home to Muirhead to await the arrival of the investigating officer.

Constable Kenneth Bell, of the Forfar Police Office, was instructed to proceed to Car Genie's address shortly after 6pm and arrived at 7pm.
Quite why a copper from a provincial police office was asked to make a round trip of over 30 miles to attend a minor complaint is an interesting question.
I discovered that PC Bell has a colleague at Forfar who just happens to be the stepfather of Car Genie's daughter. I concluded that Bell probably knew, or knew of, the man he was visiting in Muirhead that evening.
I wondered if Car Genie had phoned Forfar direct and specifically asked for someone he knew to attend.
The full significance of this piece of knowledge is unclear: it would at least have offered Car Genie scope for obtaining inside information on police and court procedures; at worst it could have been an elaborate conspiracy aimed at defrauding insurance companies - if so, Car Genie was to be disappointed when PC Bell presented his findings.
Bell reported that he examined Car Genie's Astra and found a slight scuff mark on the front offside tyre.
Car Genie gave him the registration number of his witness's motorbike and Bell later visited Miro to get a statement from him, though he did not say exactly how or where he obtained it.

The broken-down van
There was no mention of the broken-down van in either of the two statements given to PC Bell.
The Procurator Fiscal's office refused to tell me exactly when they learned of it.
It seems to have been added to the evidence as an afterthought and the source of the information has been the subject of much speculation.
At first I thought it might have come from Car Genie's police contacts.
Then I wondered if he had learned about it while monitoring police radio traffic - he is a radio ham.
However, I now consider it more likely to have come from Rob Roy.
She probably left work in Perth up to 45 minutes after her boyfriend and, as she approached the Swallow Roundabout at around 18:10, might have noted the van stranded by the side of the road, perhaps with a police patrol car in attendance.
It is odd that she made no mention of the van in her Precognition Statement given in late January 2006, so perhaps the three conspirators only realised its potential value closer to the Trial date, when they decided to "remember" it.