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The Cost of Injustice

I have worked out the cost, to the State, of perpetuating this injustice. Court costs, legal fees and appeal costs are from official sources. Some figures, particularly those for corresponding with various parts of officialdom, for police attendance and for medical consultations, are guesstimates.

Visits by Police and Court officials (estimated)  £250 
Prosecution & lying Witness costs  £3700 
1st Diet, Trial Diet & Case costs  £1263.50 
Legal Aid fees (incl fee for Counsel's Opinion)  £1052 
SCCRC unit cost of processing an application  £5649 
Cost of appeal to European Court  TBA 
Cost (est) of 2 applications for Extension of Time   £691 
75+ letters requiring a response from officialdom  £1875 
Cost (est) of medical treatment for stress  £100 
Incapacity Benefit for stress  £8460 
Less fine paid to Sheriff Court  £300 
Total cost to State  £22,740.50 

For those interested in the additional insurance cost of a CD30 motoring conviction, Direct Line wanted £15 pa extra for my 7 points. After negotiation and cutting out unnecessary benefits, my bill was actually reduced by £40!