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As part of my effort to find evidence that would prove my innocence, I wrote to associates of the witnesses - to parents, employers and former spouses - looking for anything that might cast a light on their behaviour.
I had no choice: if the Police were not going to bother to investigate (they never even asked me for a Statement), I would have to do it myself.
While this might be a legitimate activity for an independent researcher such as a journalist, I rather doubt that a Defendant is allowed to do it.

So I was not surprised when, 9 months after the case, I had a visit from 2 policewomen accusing me of that catch-all offence Breach of the Peace by contacting Rob Roy's employer, Rossleigh Jaguar of Perth (I had written to ask when she had clocked off on the day in question).
They tried to get me to accept a Caution.
As I would have welcomed confronting the jittery Rob Roy in Court, I declined to answer their questions and refused to take the Caution.
In response, all they could say was "don't do it again" and that there would be no further action.


In 2009 I read about a racehorse owner who named a horse Emma Told Lies, as a reproach to a former employee called Emma.
So I set up a small web site that purported to sell grass seed for tennis courts.
I attached the names of the conspirators to the grass seed mixtures that lie in courts (tennis courts, naturally). It was intended to be humorous. The butts of the jokes also included the Sheriff and my solicitor.
In 2013 my web host notified me that Car Genie had filed a claim for libelous (sic) remarks he alleged I had made on the website.
My web host wrote:
'We have received the below libel claim from a Mr Car Genie. As requested by him, please can you remove any libelous remarks from the URL http://www.grasses.dundeecourts.co.uk/ as soon as possible.
"Posted today at 11:15
I request you remove http://www.grasses.dundeecourts.co.uk from your hosting service. The person entering these details has a previous action taken against him re these libelous remarks forcing these to be removed from previous internet sites. I now serve you notice and if this continued Libel continues on your hosted service I will raise an action against yourselves as you are now knowledgeable to the Libel. I make claim of £1000 per day from midnight 6th August 2013 as damages, this does not include any expenses encountered in court and bailiff cost in recouping my losses which will be in addition to the damages claim.
Yours sincerely
Mr Car Genie"'

I was pleased to see that Car Genie had discovered the web site, had been upset by its content and had gone to the trouble of consulting a lawyer so he could make the threat noted above.
I was surprised at his brazenness.
Although he knew very well that the verdict against me meant he could act with impunity he was, nevertheless, taking a risk: initiating a libel action could have opened quite a nasty can of worms for him and his co-conspirators.
I asked my web host exactly what Car Genie was objecting to and also reported that his second sentence was a lie.
Getting no response, I took the safe option, keeping the web site but removing Car Genie's name from the text.

Sheriff's Notes

In 2017, following a case in London where a judge's handwritten notes were made available to a claimant, I applied to see Sheriff McCulloch's Notes. The application failed.
The outcome is reported here.


In 2018 one of the miscreants was appointed to the vice chairmanship of the Tayside branch of a national cancer charity. No kidding!


I regularly remind individuals and organisations of the miscarriage of justice they procured and have allowed to persist.
In 2018 I sent Jennifer Harrower, the current Procurator Fiscal, my imagined description of a depute preparing a case, with a request for comments and corrections.
To my surprise, her office actually responded, with this straight-faced reply.
So I wrote back with this.